Premium Cataract Lens in San Diego

Premium Cataract Lens San Diego

As a cataract patient, you have choices in the type of lens that replaces your natural, cloudy lens. You can opt for a standard single-focus lens, which restores vision at a single fixed point, usually distance. Or, you can upgrade to a premium lens that restores vision at multiple distances. Certain types of premium lenses can also correct co-existing vision conditions like astigmatism. 

Because premium lenses correct vision at all distances, you are less likely to rely on glasses or contacts than you are with monofocal lenses. This gives you an incredible amount of freedom and independence to enjoy your favorite activities without the burden of corrective eyewear. Although you may need corrective eyewear for certain activities or in special lighting conditions, you can complete most of your daily routine without them. 

The team at Eye Care of San Diego can help you select the lens that best fits your visual needs, lifestyle and personal preferences.

Types of Premium Lenses Available

Crystalens IOLs

Crystalens is a flexible “accommodating” lens that relies on the natural movement of the eye’s muscles to shift forward and backward and change focus. The Crystalens can provide clear vision at near, intermediate and far distances.

Trulign Toric IOLs

Toric lenses allow us to treat cataracts while simultaneously correcting blurry or distorted vision caused by astigmatism. With higher quality vision, you will be less dependent on glasses after your cataract surgery. 

ORA System for Cataracts San Diego

The ORA System

The ORA system is an incredible technology that helps our eye doctors assess your eyes during your cataract procedure and select the right power IOL for your visual needs. Thanks to the ORA system, we can perform a more precise procedure and deliver more predictable outcomes, and you can enjoy the clearest, sharpest vision you have had in years.

During your cataract surgery, the ORA system uses Wavefront technology to collect real-time measurements of your eye and its structures, without coming into contact with your eye. This information helps us select the strength of IOL that is required for your eye – making it less likely that you will need glasses or contacts after surgery. The ORA system provides post-operative data so we can compare your results against the initial measurements.

The ORA system is also extremely helpful for the correction of astigmatism. The technology can assist our eye surgeons in performing limbal relaxing incisions, or when placing Toric lenses.

Since the system does not come in contact with your eye, it does not cause discomfort or increase the risk of side effects. It simply helps us perform a safer, faster and more precise procedure. 

Learn More about Premium IOLs and the ORA System

If you have questions about your choices in premium IOLs, or the use of the ORA system during cataract surgery, the team at Eye Care of San Diego is here for you. Contact us today.