Meet Philip Taunton, O.D.

Dr. Philip Taunton is one of the experienced optometrists at Eye Care of San Diego. He has been with our team for over 20 years.

Education, Training & Certifications

Dr. Taunton earned his degree from Bradford University School of Optometry in Great Britain in 1968. He studied with The New England College of Optometry, where he earned a Certificate of Advanced Study in Ocular Disease and Pharmaceutical Application. Dr. Taunton also trained at Westville University Natal in South Africa.

Dr. Taunton is licensed with the California state board, and the National Board of Optometry in Basic Science, Clinical Science, Clinical Skills and Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease. In 1997, he joined Eye Care of San Diego as a resident optometrist and contact lens specialist. He specializes in aphakic, keratoconus and post-surgical contact lens fitting. Dr. Taunton attained Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent certification with the California state board in December 1997. He became one of the first optometrists in California to receive certification for the treatment and management of glaucoma.

Dr. Taunton has worked professionally as an optometrist in Great Britain and South Africa, in addition to over 30 years in San Diego. He was involved in providing the first one-hour comprehensive laboratory service for eyeglasses in Durban, S.A.

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